About Us

Who We Are

Inclusive Expressions specializes in greeting cards that celebrate diversity and embrace the spirit of inclusion. Company owner and writer, Dawnita Wilson, a global diversity and inclusion leader, fell in love with the idea of creating greeting cards that people from a multitude of backgrounds could not only relate to, but identify with.

The idea was sparked by her ongoing struggle to find greeting cards that truly represented the diversity of her own network, and contained language and images inclusive enough to capture the true essence of their individuality. This, along with years of experience and passion for advancing diversity and inclusion, became the inspiration for Inclusive Expressions.

What Makes Us Unique

From special occasions to special relationships and everything in between, Inclusive Expressions brings the meaning of diversity and inclusion to life, by creating greeting cards for people just like you, whoever YOU are. Our goal is to ensure that every card tells a story. Your story.

Our Vision and Inspiration

At Inclusive Expressions, our vision is to create products that change the way people think about the platinum rule…treat people the way THEY want to be treated. We believe that diversity and inclusion enriches lives. And our cards do more than say what you’re feeling, they show it.

Commitment to Inclusion

Designed to honor and celebrate the many dimensions of diversity, our unique messaging and imagery allows you to share your sentiments in a more inclusive and personalized way. We are committed to advancing diversity and inclusion, one card at a time.

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